financial planning guide

Financial Planning Guide For Musicians And Performing Artists

To afford the basic necessities now and in your retirement requires planning. When it comes to your personal finances and your music business, the ultimate responsibility lies with you to file your tax returns, have adequate insurance cover and create your own pension plan. The best time to start is now. Here is some general guidance...

music degrees programs

The 10 Most Prestigious Music Degree Programs in the World

The best music degree programs are those where the teacher expresses and shares their own love of musical form and expression as well as musical knowledge. Whilst it is possible to identify schools for a list of the most prestigious solely on faculty to student ratio, this list of arguably the 10 most prestigious music degree programs in the world considers acceptance rate, age of the school, general reputation and alumni success...

music producer

How To Make Money as a Music Producer Or Artist?

How to make money as a music producer or musician requires creativity. If you work on multiple income streams, you will be better able to support yourself. Also, if one stream runs dry, you have other streams to draw from. Most independent musicians today get money for their music by diversifying...

biggest music companies

The Most Biggest Music Companies On The Stock Market

It has been argued that the music industry is on the verge of a structural multi-decade growth period which will likely see big stock market rises at this early stage. Recorded music revenues are estimated to double in the next ten years. Streaming music will be a major factor in that growth, as the format creates a higher revenue than older media.

music management colleges

Best Music Management Colleges

A growing number of educational institutions give students the opportunity to learn about the music business with hands-on experience and classes taught by teachers active in the industry. The 6 schools listed here respond to the changes shaping the education and music business, preparing students to be successful across a diverse range of skills...


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How To Make Money as a Music Producer Or Aartist?